Spring and Summer Date Ideas in Manhattan


As the weather turns and stays warmer, it becomes the perfect time to start spending some time on you and your loved one! Here is a local guide of mainly outside places and places with outside areas to take a fun spring and summer date in Manhattan! Looking for something geared more toward indoor activities? Check out out our Guide to Fall & Winter Dates in Manhattan!

Date Ideas in Manhattan

A&H Farm offers many different events at the Farm! From yoga to Bingo games to meeting baby animals to the Lavender Festival, there are so many options for both day and evening dates!

While this summer’s exact band line up has not been released yet, plan to check out Manhattan’s Arts in the Park, which is a free summer concert series, every Friday at 8 p.m. at the Larry Novel Band Shell in City Park!

Call Hall Ice Cream is a local favorite that not only offers ice cream, but they also offers a breakfast and lunch menu as well! Choose from the 16 unique flavors such as the Purple Pride or go for a more traditional favorite like French Vanilla! Perfect for a quick date over the lunch hour during the week or grab a pint to go for a quick treat for your sweet at the park!

Check out the multiple coffee shops in the area in our Coffee Shop Guide! You will be sure to find an adventure at many of the coffee shops or get lucky and find your favorite to go to again and again!  Enjoy coffee on the many patios these locations have to enjoy!

After you go grab some coffee from Dot’s Coffee and stroll around the Downtown Farmer’s Market near the mall! Grab some local produce for the week and score some deals on locally made soaps, candles and much more!

With the season going until mid-May, take the opportunity now to enjoy a K-State Baseball Game! With tickets starting at $8, you can be sure to enjoy a day outside cheering on the Cats!

Looking for something free to enjoy together? Look no further than the K-State Gardens! The beautiful grounds offer countless flowers and plants to explore. The Gardens are open daily but be sure to check the events page to not plan your date night at the same time as one of the private events!

Lace up your hiking shoes and go explore the Konza Prairie! Pack a picnic and some sunscreen and enjoy taking in the amazing views with your favorite person together!

Looking for something different than a hike? Grab your bikes and head to Linear Trail! This popular trail gets busy for a good reason! Make sure to pack extra food and water in the car since the time really does fly by on Linear Trail!

Manhattan is not short on amazing restaurants for a date night out, but one of the most unique locations is Liquid Art Winery, which features a tasting room as well as other adult options such as a comedy show, wine tours and an adult Easter Egg Hunt! Explore the outside patios and views as you find your new favorite wine with your favorite person!

If you are a local to Manhattan, chances are you have hiked Bluemont Scenic Overlook, often called Manhattan Hill! Park of Goodnow Park, Manhattan Hill gives you the opportunity to get up close to the giant letters that spell out Manhattan! With picnic tables and parking nearby, bring your Call Hall Ice Cream to snack while you enjoy the perfect view of Manhattan!

The Manhattan Municipal Band will be welcoming year 104 of performing for the local community this season! Their outside performances will begin in May and will last for the summer! Enjoy a night out without the kids as your relax and listen to the live music! Check the updated schedule for this season!

While children are absolutely welcome at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, some art exhibits are better left to the adults! Make sure to check out one of the current exhibitions called Where the Magic Happens: Artists in the Studio, where you can see a behind the artist view of how art is made!

McCain Auditorium offers a wonderful chance to sit back, relax and watch a live show! Be sure to look ahead and book tickets fast because shows will sell out! Go early and enjoy a short walk around K-State in the evening for a completely different feel of being on campus!

Named one of The 8 Wonders of Kansas Geography by the Kansas Sampler, Pillsbury Crossing offers an amazing day date! Bring your water-hiking shoes, towels and a picnic to enjoy the adventures and then sit back and watch the beautiful waterfalls!

Date nights seem impossible with little kids early bedtimes? Try a morning date instead with a trip for some sweet treats at Varsity Donuts. From the Maple Bacon to the famous K-Stater, there is a donut or two for everyone and even plenty to bring back home to your crew! While you are in Aggieville, walk around and check out some of the other local shops that make Manhattan so unique!

Check out The Flint Hills up close with the zip lines at Wildwood Adventure Park! Perfect for the adrenaline junkies or to bond over fear, the zip lines will definitely leave you feeling zippy for each other!

If you struggle to find a babysitter on your date nights consider to swap date nights with a friend or check out the many Parents Night Out options around town such as MHK Play, Parks and Rec and Wonder Workshop. Happy Dating!

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