Why Partner with Manhattan Moms?

Manhattan Moms offers a targeted audience of women 25-49 with kids in the Manhattan  area. Word-of-mouth is the primary way moms learn about and try new products.  Websites that are trusted and proven to be relevant to the lives of its readers will be the number one resource moms use. 

Relevant, Timely and Local Content 

Manhattan Moms specializes in relevant, timely and local content featuring original articles from our writers, specialized resource guides targeted at our audience needs and social media content that speaks to our audience.

Manhattan Moms partners with brands, large and small business, community resources and services, marketing agencies — anyone that is trying to reach Manhattan area moms and families! We offer many opportunities for all kinds of businesses to get exposure.


Join us from the beginning and help us launch this new, valuable resource for Manhattan moms. The Manhattan Moms executive team has successfully launched and grown our Kansas City Mom Collective sister site (celebrating its 10th anniversary in July 2023) with an average annual growth of 250+% across our web and social platforms. We have become the go-to resource and trusted media outlet for our readers and our partners with 500,000+ page views a year and a reach of more than 4 million on our social platforms.

We pride ourselves in creating custom packages to fit your needs and best reach our community of moms where they are. To start reaching Manhattan moms, email