Where to Get Your Child’s Ears Pierced in Manhattan


You have decided you want to get your child’s ear’s pierced! Now what? From deciding who you want to do the piercing, to when and what age as well as how you want to have their ear’s pierced, there are many important decision to decide before you set up your piercing appointment!


When choosing a place to pierce your child’s ears, you will want to make sure to take a look at who will actually be the one piercing. While ideally everyone who is in the position to pierce has had some level of training, there are varying levels. Some stores offering a piercing specialist training as part of their employee process, while some piercers are members of the Associations of Professional Piercers. Some piercers are mentors and others are doing an apprenticeship. Some piercers choose to be up-to-date on CPR, First Aid and have training in bloodborne pathogens. Just as you would interview a nanny or a new doctor, you might find yourself interviewing the piercer prior to making an appointment.


In Manhattan, there are several locations for piercing, depending on your preference. Some locations are in a store while others are in a specific piercing shop. While I have experience with ear piercing in a pediatrician’s office, I have not found an office in the Manhattan area that will pierce children’s ears.


In Kansas, piercing a minor’s ears will require the parent or guardian to complete paperwork prior to the scheduled appointment time. Depending on your specific location, you may also be required to have the release forms notarized. Most locations will also require an ID for both the child and the parent. Some locations will offer services to infants, some will only offer services to children who are able to voice their interest in wanting their ears pierced and others have a limit set in the tween range.


Children’s ears are pierced by either a piercing gun or a needle. Most piercing guns offer a single-use sterile cartridge that do not use needles and automatically insert the earring into the front of the ear as well as automatically securing the back of the earring. Needles are also a single-use item, which then require the earring to manually be placed into the ear as well as manually attaching the back of the earring.

Where get your child’s ears pierced

While there are many options to choose from to determine what is best for your family, here are the Manhattan locations where you can get your child’s ears pierced.

Banter by Piercing Pagoda

Age Requirements: infants and children two months or older who have received their first DPT vaccine and are accompanied by an identified parent or legal guardian.

100 Manhattan Town Center, K-03
Manhattan, KS 66502

Black Mammoth

Age Requirements: 14 years old and above
2047 Fort Riley Lane
Manhattan, KS 66502


Age Requirements: 5 years old and above

1116 Laramie St.
Manhattan, KS 66502


Age Requirements: infants and children two months or older who have received their first standard set of vaccines and are accompanied by an identified parent or legal guardian.

100 Manhattan Town CTR. #130
Manhattan, KS 66502

Close Encounters Tattoo

Age Requirements: 5 years old and above

1018 W 6th Street
Junction City, KS 66441

Twisted Apple Tattoo

Age Requirements: infants 1 and under and children 5 years old and above

1104 Grant Ave
Junction City, KS 66441

Ulta Beauty

Age Requirements: 3 months and older

100 Manhattan Town Ctr Ste 335
Manhattan, KS 66502


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