How to Simplify your Holidays

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As a mom you know all to well that the holidays are magical and we manage all the things for our people. But often, the to-do lists of activities, festive food to be made, gifts to buy and lights to see can become overwhelming. Below you will find a few tips to simplify and make the holidays feel more manageable.

How to simplify your gift buying

  • Let’s start with the kids. Each child gets three gifts. Create categories like something they want, something they need and something fun to wear.
  • Figure out how many people you are buying for and evenly spread out your purchases between your paychecks!
  • If you get gifts for you neighbors or co- workers, try picking one thing to bake or purchase for all of them. You can decorate it with different ribbons or bags to make it more personalized. This will help you spend less time going from store to store.

How to simplify the food

  • If you are hosting or attending a get together have each person bring a dish. This way, one person is not doing all the work, and it keeps things simple so you can focus on time together.
  • Choose recipes with few ingredients to save time and money.
  • Each week I choose one item to bake or make that is festive for my kids’ lunches. This adds to the fun of the holiday season, but doesn’t feel overwhelming. Try a holiday cookie, make a taco salad with Christmas tree tortilla chips, or use a cookie cutter to make a Christmas tree sandwich. The options are endless!

How to simplify holiday activities

  • Pick one thing per week. Think about what activities allow you the most face time with your family. Have each person in your house pick one item and only do those things.
  • Every Sunday night, take a few minutes to write out what you need to get done that week for the holidays. This list does not have to be detailed, just enough to keep you on track. I also write down three things I am thankful for to keep my spirits high.
  • Every day, set a timer for 15 to 20 minutes and focus on cleaning one area in your home. If I don’t do this daily, my house feels overwhelming, especially during the holidays with all the additional decor around.
  • Remind yourself that you can’t do it all. S low down, and enjoy the moments you can!
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