Swimming Lessons In and Around Manhattan


It’s time to start thinking about getting your kids ready for summer swimming. Use this guide to swim lessons in the Manhattan area to figure out your children’s swimming lessons early since the spots fill up very fast.

Schedule and Format

The first thing to consider when looking at swimming lessons is the type of lesson you want. You might consider a private, 1:1 student to teacher ratio, or you might be interested in having a group class where you will be in the water with your child and some of your friends.

The next thing you will want to consider is the timing of the lessons. Take a look at both of scheduled day(s) and the actual time slots. Do you have the capacity to take your child Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. for weeks or do you need to find a weekend availably, one time per week for a month?


Another thing to consider is the cost of the lessons. Group classes tend to be more budget friendly while some private lessons can be a bigger pull on the purse strings. Ask about payment plans, if the program offers a discounted rate for siblings or a referral or even a scholarship to help cover the cost of lessons.

One of the last things to consider of course is your child! Does your child want to start swimming lessons or is it going to be more like pulling teeth to get them into the water? Is your child spending time in the pool regularly already or are they more comfortable with the water being about an inch deep?

Of course none of these have any right or wrong answers but hopefully these can be used as a guide to help you narrow down what you are looking for, for your child and your family. Luckily Manhattan and the surrounding communities have multiple options available!

Swimming Lessons In & Around Manhattan

Buser’s Backyard Swimming Lessons

Private Residence in Manhattan


City of Manhattan Parks and Recreation

Several Locations around Manhattan


City of Wamego

Wamego Aquatic Center
500 Ash St, Wamego, KS 66547


Flint Hills ISR

Private Residence in Manhattan


* Read one mom’s experience with ISR.

Genesis Health Club

2800 Allison Avenue, Manhattan KS 66502


Junction City YMCA

1703 McFarland Road, Junction City, KS 66441


Manhattan Country Club

1531 N 10th Street, Manhattan, KS 66502


Sand Hills ISR

Private Residence in Manhattan


Additional Support

No matter what option you find best for your family, check out this FREE online class from the Red Cross! The Water Safety for Parents and Caregivers class focuses on teaching parents and caregivers to recognize and minimize the risk of drowning and water safety!

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