Manhattan Area Bakeries


Manhattan has so many sweet treats available. Use this Manhattan area bakery guide to help find the best options for you and your sweet tooth!

Manhattan Area Bakeries

What could be better than a sweet treat along with your coffee? Try one of the local favorites at Arrow Coffee Co such as the Buttercream Brownie, which is a fudgy brownie topped with ganache buttercream! This sweet treat pairs perfectly with a dark, black coffee, making this the perfect mid-morning or afternoon pick me up!

Make sure to check out Baked by JillieBean who offers Custom Cookie, Floral Cupcakes and Macaron! These treats really do look like artwork making it *almost* hard to eat these yummy sweets!

Known for their Bourbon and their small plates, Bourbon and Baker also has a delicious cookie and cake menu! The cakes are perfect for an at-home celebration or even used as a wedding cake. Try out theBlueberry Crumble cake or a personal favorite, Harry’s Cheesecake.

Buckin’ Brownies makes amazing boxes full of goodies for the perfect gift! Offering artificial dye-free, ask about the All Natural Food coloring options! Buckin’ Brownies is located in Junction City and will deliver to Manhattan for a small fee!

Take a look at the new menu each week, Crumbl Little Apple offers cookies by the singles, four packs, six packs and by the dozen! These cookies make the perfect quick treats when you need to have ordered a dessert yesterday! Follow their menu to try out some new favorites like the Confetti Cake and the Raspberry Danish!

Looking for a more traditional sheet cake for a large crowd? Look no further than the Dillons Bakery! Easy to pick from pre-planned designs and easy to to customize with your own saying across the cake! These cakes are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Enjoy some monster-sized cookies from Eileen’s Colossal Cookies! These yummy sweets are the perfect treat for almost anyone! Looking for a giant cookie cake, solid frosted cookies to decorate on your own or even a giant tub of frosting? This is your one-stop-shop for your cookie wants and needs!

Homestead on Dogwood offers delicious baked goods, locally raised premium beef, and pasture chicken! Their homemade baked goods focus on using a sourdough started and have become a local favorite to many! Try out one of their classic loafs or mix it up with a new flavor like pumpkin cranberry!

Take a look at Hy-Vee’s Bakery for almost everything you could possibly need! From cakes to cookies to pies, they also offer a party tray of desserts which is a super fun way to please a crowd! The party trays options include cookies, brownies, cupcakes and even a breakfast tray!

The perfect name for the perfect cookie, Insomnia Cookies is open late, at least until 1 a.m. during the week and 3 a.m. on the weekends! Insomnia Cookies offers many different cookies options as well as ice cream and even gluten-free options! Weather you are up late with your baby or enjoying your college experience, their delivery options make this a great middle of the night snack!

Offering custom cakes and cupcakes, Little Batch Company creates amazing artwork out of their treats! In addition to their custom orders, they also offer local favorites such as the Brown Butter Rice Crispy Treats and the Flourless Chocolate Cake Bites!

A local favorite since 1988, Mrs. Powell’s is known for their amazing cinnamon rolls! In addition to their cinnamon rolls, Mrs. Powell’s also offers other goodies including their daily lunch special. They are also known to have some of the best bierocks in the area!

Pandora Rolled Ice Cream offers dairy free and vegan options, Boba Tea, Dessert Crepes, and Freshly Handmade Baked Goods including Japanese Layered Cheesecakes and Tiramisus! Check out their peanut butter overload which features a chocolate ice cream base with peanut butter and chocolate syrup mixed in, topped with whipped cream, Reece cups, Reece’s pieces, chocolate syrup and caramel syrup. Yum!

Parkside Station is a full service restaurant and bar with a grab and go pastry and coffee counter. Sit down and enjoy a full meal or grab a coffee and treat to go before you head over to the park, just across the road! Give their homemade pop tarts or cinnamon rolls a try!

If you want to try something a little different than what Manhattan typically has to offer, try a Halo Halo from Pinoy Eagle! The Halo Halo is a tropical fruit blend with ice cream and flan. Halo is translated to ‘mix’ so make sure to Halo your Halo! This food truck features Filipino food which is absolutely amazing and the Halo Halo is the cherry on top!

Radina’s is a longstanding local favorite since 2001 with five locations around town! Everyone seems to have a favorite coffee drink from Radina’s as well as one or two of their treats off of their bakery menu! From sourdough to challahs, to chocolate covered oreos to the scones, Radina’s has you covered on the baked goods!

Not exactly a bakery, but definitely worth the mention, check out Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory which features an assortment of chocolates! Give their chocolate covered pretzels or Carmel milk chocolates a try!

Simply Delicious By Montes has taken the taste of Texas and Mexico and twisted it up with California flavor making this a local spot to try! Creating both custom cakes and multiple dessert options for same day purchase, these treats are the perfect ones to try!

Looking for another local favorite spot? Take a look at The Dough Bro! This sweet and savory brunch spot makes a Manhattan favorite cinnamon roll in addition to a full service menu that will have you coming back for more!

If you’re looking for something a little different to capture your sweet tooth, take a look at The Guilty Cookie and their famous, stuffed cookies! These cookies are layered with goodness, inside of a cookie! Try a personal favorite, the s’mores cookie which features a graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow wrapped in a cookie!

Looking for a homemade pie for a special occasion? TheraPie has got you covered! Order in advance for a special day or stop in and grab a slice of one of the fan favorites such as Key Lime Coconut Cream or French Silk.

No matter what you pick, you cannot go wrong with these treats!

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